About Avalon Academy

enrichment_2_157x157Established in 1987, Avalon Academy is dedicated to nurturing, developing and educating children from six weeks to five years of age.

Our warm, loving and experienced staff cares deeply about the emotional and physical well being of each child within their care. We work with our parents to ensure that every day your child spends with us is positive, happy and productive.


Our approach to early child care is based on principles and activities which advance your child’s academic, emotional, social and physical capabilities, including:

  • Multiple intelligences approach to individualized learning styles
  • Warm, loving and respectful interaction between children, parents and staff
  • Safe, loving and attentive infant care
  • Family centered celebrations
  • Structured age appropriate curriculum
  • Age appropriate outdoor play and physical activity
  • Focus on both community skills and building independence
  • Enrichment programs

We are a non-profit pre-school and child care facility, licensed by the state of Texas. The school is managed by a dedicated staff and overseen by an elected board made up of current parents and supporters of the school that possess many years of non-profit and education management experience.

The school is located in the heart of Houston’s Montrose district. Avalon Academy serves families from across the city and in particular those that live and work near Houston’s downtown and medical districts.