Closure Updates for Avalon

Avalon will continue to be closed Tuesday 8/29/17.

Avalon Academy follows HISD weather closure dates and so there is a chance we will not reopen until Tuesday, September 5th as HISD has determined that is when they will open. Please know that we understand that parents may need us and we will try our best to do something before the 5th, but we have many teachers who’s homes took on water and the rest live in South Houston and Southeast Houston and are surrounded by water not allowing them to leave their homes or neighborhoods. We also have to ensure that we follow all state laws regarding ratios for students and staff if we were to reopen before Sep. 5th.

We pray all of our families and alumni are safe and dry. Please remember to not get out today if it is not an emergency.

Please check back daily for updates and further information.


Julie Fazio

Board President