New Post to the Parents Section of the Website – 12/10/2012

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Alisha Renshaw
Board Secretary



2012-12-07 10:47:20

I just wanted to thank you, Alisha, and the rest of the board for all of your hard work to figure out how to keep Avalon solvent. We very much appreciate your time and assistance!

Sean Fitzpatrick

2012-12-07 12:34:44

I want to express my gratitude to the new board for their efforts in a difficult situation. Along with the justified anger and confusion last night, I also saw a great deal of energy and skill that can be harnessed into board-led committees for development, finance, overseeing executive functions, and communication. When immediate needs are met, I encourage you to ask parents for their time and energy as you have already for funds. Strong communities do get built out of situations like this.

Michelle Ray

2012-12-07 19:20:07

Alisha, Thank you for reaching out to the parents for help. I for one am a strong supporter of the school and would like to see it flourish. I have only been with the school as of March of this year but have no complaints. My daughter, Genevieve, started out as a Little Angel and is now in the Pooh Bear class and she loves her teachers. In the short time I have spent at this school I have brought other parents in as well because I love the care and attention my daughter receives while in the Avalon family’s care and I highly recommend Avalon and will continue to do so throughout this little hiccup. I look forward to seeing the parent’s work together to bring Avalon back. This will give us all an opportunity to pour love into a place that gives so much to our children. We can stand and be proud that we came together and made a difference not only for our current Avalon family but our future Avalon family as well. With that said, I would like to respectfully request your consideration on bringing in an “Issues Management Committee” (IMC) that would be comprised of an Issues Management Coordinator as well as a team of parent volunteers and I would like to volunteer my time for this position. We are in a crisis right now and an IMC will certainly take some of the burden off of the shoulders of the board. It would be beneficial to start a file on any of the issues that were not addressed leading up to this as we come across them and start a file on the ones that are repetitively cropping up right now. The board can help identify the top key issues and the IMC can document any action taken to address the issues and work with the parents and staff to make them aware of the specifics on what has been done and what the plan is to address their issues. Putting this committee in place will give the board the ability to show positive results or progress so that the parents have a realistic picture of the boards performance. After listening to the parents last night I truly believe putting a committee such as this in place will benefit Avalon’s morale and help rebuild their trust. Kind regards, Michelle Ray mother to Genevieve Adam in the Pooh Bear Class.

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