School Closure Due to COVID-19

Avalon Parents –

After discussion across the Board of Directors, we will be closing
Avalon Academy starting tomorrow, March 13, 2020 through March 30st,

Avalon is scheduled to re-open March 31, 2020.

As always we take decisions to close the school outside of our normal
schedule very seriously and we understand the challenges this closing
creates for our families. But we are closing consistent with HISD’s
schedule to ensure we do our part to help protect the safety of our
families, our staff and the community around us.

The Board is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide
updates in the coming days and weeks as the situation develops. We
will continue to use these emails as well as our Facebook page to
communicate with our families over the coming days. In the meantime,
please feel free to reach out to LaTonya or the Board of Directors
with questions or concerns.

As HISD said – we urge our families and staff to remain vigilant in
their efforts to stay healthy.

Jennifer S Cole,
Chairperson on Behalf of the
Board of Directors, Avalon Academy