Busy Bees Parenting Network Coordinator Needed

Via Tracy Brandon on Big Tent:

Please see the following request and let Connie or Ruby know if you are interested – thanks in advance for the help and consideration!

Busy Bees Parenting Network Coordinator Needed

Ms. Ruby approached me the other day to find out who is the coordinator of the Busy Bees Parenting Network. Although Christy Poisot and Amanda Frocke were heavily involved in years past; their children no longer attend Avalon. Is there any one out there that would like to step into the role?

The role would include occasional meetings with Ms. Ruby and Ms. Connie to discuss upcoming events and disseminating that information back to the room parents and the Busy Bee network. The role would also include coordinating one to two school fundraisers each year such as a spaghetti dinner or garage sale.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please post to the discussion board and let Ms. Ruby and Ms. Connie know. I’m sure Christy and Amanda would be happy to provide any guidance necessary to make your efforts successful.

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