Halloween Parties Tomorrow!

All classes will have a Halloween party tomorrow 10/31/2013 (Parents are invited to attend, but due to possible bad weather we can not guarantee that we will start our parties on time. We will try our best because we know parents have only a limited amount time)

Grasshopper thru Lightning Bug classes will have a parade around the blocks of Avalon and Wilson at 10:15 am (weather permitting)

Tweedy Birds thru Lightning Bug classes will trick-or-treat to each classroom starting at 10:45 am.


* Children do not have to wear a costume! If they do, we ask that you take into consideration sending a second outfit so we do not have any damaged costumes after the festivities are over.


Grasshoppers thru Lightning Bug classes will have pizza or nachos provided at lunch time and a cupcake for afternoon snack, but we ask that parents still provide drinks for the entire day. We have limited the amount of candy during the day by only providing the cupcake at snack and 2 pieces candy along with non-food prizes that will be given out during the trick-or-treating time.


Any questions – please refer to Ms. Latonya or Mrs. Julie