Summer Activities

Dear Parents,

Our summer break will officially start June 3rd, 2013! We are excited to get the summer fun flowing!

We have many fun activities planned for everyone and wanted to just give you a heads up on some of them….


SPLASH DAY for everyone 2 years and older will be every Tues starting June 4th until Aug 20th. Please send your child to school in either a swim suit or extra clothes that can get wet. If your child comes to school in a swim suit please just make sure they have clothes over it that will keep them dressed until their time to go outside. Please provide a towel and a set of dry clothes for the rest of the day. Our splash day consists of water based activities, small sprinklers, and water toys.


IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: We will have the ice cream truck out for everyone to enjoy. A Nutty Professor will come to visit to teach us all about WILD SCIENCE.  We will get to jump to the moon and back in a moonwalk. We will get to observe the starry night sky in a traveling planetarium and much more….  In school activities allows the students to experience summer fun fieldtrips while staying at Avalon.



Winter Wonderland (June 3 – 14)

School turns to winter in the middle of summer! Join us  as we create our own snowman and build an igloo to keep yourself warm. Make snow cones and other icy treats. Paint with ice cubes. Play in the snow and hunt for polar bears. Bring your mittens and hats for this freezing  fun adventure.

Adventure Island (June 17 – 28)

Tiptoe across the sand on our magical island—look, there  are pirates up ahead! Let’s seek out their buried treasure as we explore the island  and the hidden mysteries there. Find gold and coins that you can keep in the treasure box you make in class. Let’s concoct some drinks to keep us cool. String flowers and shells to wear and look like the locals. Hurry—the ship is sailing and this is one  adventure you don’t want to miss!

Journey By Train (July 1 – 12) * closed July 4th

All Aboard! Get dressed for travel, as we take off on a whirlwind adventure across the country, creating our story. What will we encounter? Tracks to nowhere, a runaway train, and a disappearing conductor are a few obstacles we encounter and will have to overcome. Create your own travel bag and get ready to board. Enjoy taking an actual train ride!

Aardvarks to Zebras (July 15 – 26)

Animals galore! From tapirs to elephants, come explore the  animals that roam the earth. Create animal masks so you can act out your  favorite mammal and create many other fun animal projects! Roll, cut out, and bake  animal cookies. Hunt and identify animal tracks in the woods—oh my, there are bears and tigers! Feel the various fur samples and learn more about the animals you love!

Castles and Catapults (July 29 – Aug 9)

Hear ye, hear ye! All princes and princesses are summoned to  attend this fun camp. Put on the crowns and royal clothing that you get to make in  class! Build your own castle and live  like royalty in our land of make believe. Taste the royal treats you bake. Act out stories from medieval times with  dragons and marauders and learn how to defend your castle.

Legos & Robotics (Aug 12 – 23) *closed 16th for teacher in-service day

Using just your imagination and no kits, watch an entire city come to life.  From cars and trains to houses and roads, we will build a mini metropolis with  lots of themed challenges along the way.