Thanksgiving Lunch at Avalon Academy


Unlike in years past, when the teachers served us, we thought it would be nice for us, as parents, to show the Avalon teachers that we are thankful for them by providing them lunch prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Alisha Renshaw (Catherine’s mom), Becky Burgess (Justin’s mom) and I (Nora and Violet’s mom) are collecting monetary donations to bring in lunch for the teachers on Wednesday, November 21st.

This will be in place of the lunch Avalon previously held for parents.  The generous person who has donated Thanksgiving lunch in past years is not able to do it this year, so we thought we should embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and tell the teachers how thankful we are for them.

If you would be willing to donate a few dollars to help out, we would really appreciate it.  Please put the money in an envelope and leave it in Catherine’s, Justin’s (both outside the Caterpillars classroom) or Violet’s (in the Grasshoppers room) cubby or give it to one of us.

Many thanks,


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