The Golden Grill Food Truck is coming to our party!

We are excited to announce that we will have The Golden Grill food truck attend our 4th of July party on 7/3/14!!!!!!!

The Golden Grill is Houston’s #1 food truck and we are very blessed to have it owned by one of our Avalon alumni.

The Golden Grill food truck will serve PRE-OREDERED grilled cheese sandwiches, bag of chips, and a drink to the kids during our 4th of July party!

The lunch is $7.00. Students in the Leap Frogs, Caterpillars, Lightning Bugs, and Doodle Bug classes will be able to walk up to the truck and order their own lunch. 



If you would like your child to have lunch from The Golden Grill food truck on 7/3/14 – you need to pre-order and pay for it no later then Tuesday July 1, 2014 by 6:00 pm. We are required to send in a final head count, so there will be no late orders accepted. 

Payments need to be made by debit/credit card or check written to Avalon Academy.


Please see Mrs. Julie if you have any questions.