Avalon Academy believes that each child is unique. Perhaps your child exhibits mathematical and logical skills and enjoys puzzles and blocks. Or maybe music and rhythm appeal to your child’s senses. Maybe drama and storytelling are the key to your child’s learning abilities.

Rest assured that no matter how your child learns best, your child will love to learn at Avalon Academy!

Sample curriculum (pdf file)

Children learning: Your child’s unique abilities will be nurtured in five fundamental aspects of well-being.

  • Emotional — Positive guidance is our philosophy. Your child is praised for his or her strengths and is given encouragement to identify and express feelings.
  • Physical — Appropriate development of motor skills is emphasized. Your child will enjoy playing outside on our beautiful playground complete with gazebo, swings, climbing and crawling sets and riding toys.
  • Social — Your child learns skills of self-understanding and developing relationships with classmates and teachers.
  • Cognitive — Activity centers provide your child with multiple choices for learning through exploration and play.
  • Spiritual — In this loving atmosphere, your child will learn respect of self and others, attitudes of affirmation, hope, joy, wonder, and gratitude.

Avalon welcomes you to visit the school and see these principles in action.

Teachers Caring : Inspired by the belief that your child is unique with special gifts, our teachers plan activities appropriate for each age group and child.

  • Teachers are critical to Avalon’s philosophy. They interact with each child closely every day and have a great influence over each child’s experience. Avalon’s teachers are inspired by a belief in the uniqueness and value of each child.
  • Each child’s individualized curriculum emphasizes the process of learning — learning to think, learning to play, and learning to relate to each other in complementary ways. Our classrooms provide a balance of direction and freedom allowing your child an opportunity to explore different learning styles. This exploration leads to self-mastery.
  • Avalon’s curriculum includes expressive arts as well as language skills, math and science activities such as gardening and ecology. Enrichment classes are available in such subjects as drama, gymnastics, computers, and dance, at an additional fee.
  • Learning and achieving will come easily for your child at Avalon Academy. Many of our former students can be found at Vanguard or other accelerated programs in many public and private schools.

Parents Participating

  • Encouraging and welcoming the participation and involvement of parents is central to the Avalon philosophy. Avalon’s activities and climate are geared toward involvement by the whole family.
  • Parents are welcomed to interact with teachers to provide a consistent, loving environment. Teachers regularly provide parents with weekly and daily reports, as well as curriculum updates. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year for observation and evaluation purposes.
  • Parenting classes are available throughout the year. Family-centered special events are also planned for fun and full family and staff participation.
  • Avalon encourages you to get and remain involved with your children at the school.