Class overview

We offer three classrooms for our students aged 6 weeks-12 months. Younger infants occupy the Little Angels and Ladybugs classrooms, and older infants the Pooh Bears class. Infants transition between the levels based on age, readiness, and availability of space.
Our highly trained and experienced infant care teachers provide a warm, loving, and safe environment. Daily, your baby is stimulated with age-appropriate cognitive, emotional, and motor control techniques and toys. The Pooh Bear class builds on the skills attained in our Little Angels class by introducing activities that develop gross motor skills, problem-solving, cooperation, and independence.

The Avalon Academy Infant Program promotes the following:

At the end of each school day, you’ll receive a report card listing your infant’s activities, eating and toilet patterns, and general information on your baby’s emotional and physical well-being.


Infants function on individual schedules throughout the day. Diapers are checked and changed hourly as needed. Feedings are conducted according to individual feeding schedules, and naps are taken as needed.
Monthly developmental learning goals are prepared for each child and planned according to individual schedules.
The schedule listed above is a guideline for activities and can be changed daily as needed.

Infant Care

There are many variations of passage Avalon Academy’s infant program is open to infants who are six weeks of ages.

  • Little Angels
  • Age Range:
    6 weeks-9 months*
  • Permitted Teacher-Student ratio:
  • Teachers:
    Ms. Angela
    Ms. Juanita
    Ms. Loretta
  • Pooh Bears:
  • Age Range:
    6 - 12 months*
  • Permitted teacher-student ratio:
  • Teachers:
    Ms. Mary
    Ms. Bertha
    Ms. Ashley
  • *Entry into a specific class depends on age, readiness, and space availability.
Our Teacher

Our Infant Care Teachers

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