Pre-K 3 and Early Pre-school for 3 Year Olds

PreK_157x157By the age of three, your child is ready for a more structured learning environment.

We offer two classrooms for our Pre-K3 students. Our younger threes typically occupy the Leap Frogs class and older threes the Caterpillar class. Our three year old students transition between the two classes based on their age, readiness and the availability of space.

By the age of three, your child is ready for a more structured learning environment. Avalon Academy’s early pre-school Leap Frog and Caterpillar classes combine kindergarten-readiness activities with a structured Pre-K 3 curriculum. At this stage in your child’s early education, our teachers focus on developing curiosity, creative critical-thinking, building a love of learning and enhancing social skills.

The Avalon Academy Pre-K3 and early pre-school curriculum promotes:

  • Written and letter practice
  • Reading and listening practice
  • Math, measure and manipulation skills
  • Science and sensorial skills
  • Arts and crafts
  • Group and center time
  • Show and tell and oratorical skills
  • Independent play
  • Daily outdoor play
  • Enrichment programs

At the end of each school day you’ll receive a report card, which lists the day’s activities, eating and sleeping patterns and general information on your three year old’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

 Leap Frogs:

  • Age range: Younger 2’s- Older 3’s*
  • Permitted teacher student ratio: 2 teachers to 15 students
  • Class teachers:
    Ms. Regina (2010) ” I love children”
    Ms. Carla (2016)”I am determined to make a difference!”


  • Age range: Older 3’s – Younger 4’s*
  • Permitted teacher student ratio: 2 teachers to 20 students
  • Class teachers:
    Ms. Kendra (2009)”I know all 50 states, capitals, and flags! I can play the piano.”
    Ms. Michelle (2008)”I love spending time with my granddaughters!”

*Entry into a specific class is dependent on age, readiness and space availability.


7:00 am – Arrival
8:00 am – Attendance / Routines
8:05 am – Circle time / Skills development
8:30 am – Thematic unit
9:15 am – Restroom / Handwashing
9:30 am – Snack
9:45 am – Story time
10:15 am – Recess
10:45 am – Restroom/Handwashing
11:00 am – Phonics
11:20 am – Handwriting/Numbers
11:45 am – Restroom/Nap Preparation
12:00 pm – Lunch
12:45 pm – Nap
3:00 pm – Restroom
2:15 pm – Language development
2:30 pm – Art/Centers
3:00 pm – Clean Up
3:10 pm – PM Snack
3:30 pm – Finish up days activities
4:30 pm – Recess & Prepare to go home