Two Year Olds

2yrold_157x157We expect to see some major changes in our students as they move from 24 to 36 months.

Two year old children are full of curiosity and growing in confidence and independence as they explore the world around them.

As your child moves closer to 36 months, typically, language skills become more sophisticated. This development signals it is time for a more structured early pre-school environment. At this point, we introduce kindergarten readiness skills.

The Avalon Academy 24-36 month curriculum promotes:

  • Building and shape manipulation
  • Art and crafts
  • Dramatic play
  • Science and sensorial
  • Storytelling and listening practice
  • Group and center time
  • Show and tell and oratorical skills
  • Daily outdoor play
  • Enrichment programs
  • Toilet training

At the end of each school day you’ll receive a report card, which list the day’s activities, eating and toilet patterns and general information on your two year old’s emotional and physical well being.

Bumble Bees:

  • Age range: 24–36 months*
  • Permitted teacher student ratio: 3 teachers to 22 students
  • Class teachers:
    Ms. Tracy(2019) “I was on the TLC Show: “What Not To Wear!”
    Ms. Valarie(2014)” I’m a WWE fanatic!”

*Entry into a specific class is dependent on age, readiness and space availability.


07:00am – Arrival
08:00am – Attendance & Center Time
08:15am – Diaper Change/Handwashing/Centers
09:00am – Circle Time
09:15am – Snack
09:30am – Recess / Restroom
10:00am – Phonics (MWF) / Numbers (T TH)
11:00am – Lunch
11:30am – Restroom / nap preparation
12:00pm – Nap
02:30pm – Restroom / Handwashing/PM Art / Thematic Unit
02:45pm – PM Review
03:15pm – Snack
03:30pm – Handwashing/Story Time
03:45pm – Language Development
04:15pm – Restroom/Handwashing/ Centers
04:30pm – Recess & Prepare To Go Home