Avalon Academy Board of Directors

Accredited Day Care CenterAs a non-profit, Avalon Academy is overseen by an elected board of volunteers.

The Avalon Academy Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who are invited to join based on their professional background and experience with non-profit and education organizations.  Parents of children enrolled at Avalon are allowed to serve on the Board of Directors, but are limited to less than 50% of the total board membership.

The Board works with the executive director and staff to provide leadership and direction for Avalon Academy and ensure the school’s long-term financial and academic health.

The Avalon Academy Board of Directors:

  • Eric D’Olive, Chairperson
  • Elaine Louie Williamson, Treasurer
  • Anne-Marie Wakefield, Secretary
  • Jennifer Ofsowitz, Assistant Treasurer
  • Rachel Dubose, Member
  • Erin Taylor, Member
  • Keith Kikta, Member
  • Xavier Loredo, Member
  • Heather Almquist, Member
  • Kherry Zamore, Member
  • Maryam Kinik, Member
  • Hendrix King, Member
  • Emily LaVoy, Member

The Board welcomes parent participation and is always willing to discuss the issues raised by parents at their monthly board meeting. The date of the monthly board meeting will be posted on the parent’s notice board.