Toddlers 12 months – 24 months

1yrold_157x157Developing your toddler’s independence, curiosity and exploration skills.

We offer two classrooms for our students aged 12 – 24 months. Younger toddlers occupy the Tweety Birds, Monkeys, and Owls Classes. Toddlers transition between the two classes based on their age, readiness and the availability of space.

At age one, we often see students pulling up, walking and growing in independence. The Avalon Academy 12 month + program builds on the skills learned in the infant program by encouraging problem solving, exploration and self-help skills.

The Avalon Academy 12 month +curriculum promotes:

  • Gross motor skill development through climbing and riding toys
  • Fine motor skills development through stacking toys, basic puzzles and crafts
  • Imagination play through dress up and developmental toys
  • Music and language development through exposure to background music and storytelling
  • Daily outdoor play

At the end of each day, you’ll receive a report card, listing your child’s activities, eating and toilet patterns and general information on your toddler’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Tweety Birds:

  • Age range: 12–18 months*
  • Permitted teacher student ratios: 3 teachers to 13 students
  • Class teachers:
    Ms. Aimee (2019)
    Ms. Brisa (2023)
  • Ms. Mirna (2013) ” I love to help the children of Mexico!”


  • Age range: 18-24 months*
  • Permitted teacher student ratios: 3 teachers to 18 students
  • Class teachers:
    Ms. Asia (2015) ” I played volleyball!”
    Ms. Bresha (2018)
  • Ms. LaTrivia (2017)” I love working with children!”

*Entry into a specific class is dependent on age, readiness and space availability.


  • 07:00am – Arrival
  • 07:30am – Center play
  • 08:00am – Diaper change / hand washing
  • 08:30am – Snack
  • 09:00am – Recess
  • 09:30am – Circle time
  • 10:30am – Clean up, diaper changes and hand washing
  • 11:00am – Lunch
  • 11:30am – Diaper change, hand washing and nap preparation
  • 12:00pm – Nap time
  • 02:30pm – Diaper change and hand washing
  • 02:45pm – Snack
  • 03:15pm – Story time and center time
  • 04:00pm – Diaper change and hand washing
  • 04:15pm – Sing songs, individual play and group centers
  • 04:30pm – Recess and preparing for departure