More details on tomorrow’s parents’ networking

Speed Networking with other parents Sept 28, Tuesday – 5:30 – 6:30 pm, Avalon Cafeteria
Being that we are all busy bees, getting to know other parents can be a challenge. The purpose of this event is to meet each other face to face. The goal is to get to know at least three other parents you have never met before. We will have some drinks and nibbles.
Did I mention that Ms. Connie has been so gracious as to have some caregivers available to watch our children so we can focus on this very time boxed opportunity to get to know each other? Please let Ms. Ruby know TODAY if your children will be there tomorrow.

Please think of ideas for

  • Fundraising
  • Fun
  • Connecting with other parents

These ideas will be posted, and added to at our Speed Networking Event and we will arrive at a priority listing virtually. From there a skeleton calendar will be proposed and then the planning can begin!

If you or another parent is interested in joining the Busy Bees, please attend the meeting or contact:
Christy Poisot
Mother of Remy in the Grasshoppers and Jacqueline an Avalon graduate

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